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Maintenance Checklist For Your Commercial Roof

As a commercial property owner, you are responsible for taking proper care of your property. One of the things you will need to keep in good working shape throughout the year is the roof of your commercial building.

Your commercial roof covers the entire building, shielding it from outside elements that may cause catastrophic damage to it. It ensures the building remains functional in all types of weather.

While all commercial roofs degrade over time and will inevitably need to be replaced, undertaking proper roof maintenance can extend the life of your roof considerably.

Here's a roof maintenance checklist you can use to maximize the performance and lifespan of your commercial roof.

Regular Inspections

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as someone who's responsible for the maintenance of a commercial facility is to wait until signs of roofing problems are obvious to have your roof inspected. By this time, you may be facing major roofing problems that can be expensive to repair.

The secret to preserving the structural integrity of your roof while avoiding huge roof repair bills is to conduct regular roof inspections. These inspections typically involve carrying out a visual examination of the roof to identify problems that may lead to bigger problems if left unaddressed over time. 

Upon completion of a roof inspection, you may be provided with a roof inspection report detailing the general condition of your roof. The report will include any problems that may need to be looked at right away.

Regular Cleanings

Your roof's surface is one of those areas of your commercial building that can easily be forgotten when it comes to general building cleanliness. Yet, it can impact the building's street appeal in a huge way.

Cleaning your commercial roof regularly helps maintain the roof's original beauty as well as preserve its structural soundness. It involves removing the dirt and debris that accumulate on the roof and in the gutters, allowing for fast and efficient drainage of roof run-off.

General Repairs

Roof maintenance also requires addressing any minor issues that are detected during roof inspections. This allows for current problems to be repaired before they turn into bigger problems that may require costly repairs down the line. For instance, damaged flashing will need to be mended before it leads to roof leaks that may cause extensive water damage to your roof structure and the rest of your commercial building.

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